How It works

Problem: Precision with Mobility

Maintaining precise movement while having mobility is a challenging engineering problem. Drones today are highly mobile, but lack the precision for to perform contact inspections. Robotic arms can perform highly precise movements, but are usually grounded because of their size.

Solution: The Vectorotor Design

The Vectorotor drone combines the precision of a robot arm and the mobility of a drone. This level of precision allows for a variety of inspections that involve contact with a surface.


The Vectorotor

The Vectorotor moves by pivoting the rotors to perform sub-centimeter positioning of a sensor. The rotors are able to instantaneously change the drone’s speed, apply a force, and correct for wind.

The Vectorotor at Work

The Vectorotor can precisely approach an asset and maintain contact with it. While in contact the design can easily compensate for wind and move the sensor while maintaining contact.